Rapper Rajayjay Speaks about The Controversial Pombe Bangi Video


Pombe Bangi Video has been viral on the social media and blogs since its release a week ago. Now Rapper Rajayjay has come out to talk about about it. Speaking to mdundo.com this is what he had to say:
“In this industry we all have to fight for the top spots. It is not a professional like medicine or law where your papers speak for you. So I went for it and controversy is what sells most hence the idea behind the video. The number of views will be my judge. Shall we wait and see?” he said.

Talking On whether the scenes were out of a live scene, he had this to say: “The video was a bit of both reality and on set. In the house the scenes were shot on set and the scenes you see outside were taken randomly; a decision taken by the director”

Now you ve got it from the Rapper, Judge as you wish.

Watch the video here if you ve not watched it:

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