Odinareh Bingwa is Furious That Hip Hop Music is Not Given a Priority in The Coast.

One week after Odinareh Bingwa and Ohms Law Montana released their video to the song Make a Name, He is back again very furious.
Odinareh claims hip hop music is not given a priority in Mombasa and says that the lovey dovey songs are given more airplay.
He mentioned some people in his facebook statement whom I am not going to talk about for the sake of fans.
What I can only do is give you you what he wrote and you be the judge.
This is his Facebook status:

"Leo Usiku Sijalala Juu nina Issue hapa..mziki wangu ndio raslimali yangu,ndio maisha na bibi yangu..
Kuna ma vampire hapa pwani wanadai wanasupport hiphop ya coast lakini hao hao ndio wanga wetu
cheka na sisi tupe sifa kabisa lakini najua nyinyi ndio ma snitch mnaokalia haki zetu
Im putting it clear..wen will u suckers get it into ur head that all that mama sizzo dogo bitchy n the likes bullshit type of music will never cross the voi boundaries and beyond..good music is given no attention...rar

ely rant here but he who feels it knows it.Iv seen some singers here given hype yet they would damage ear drums with acapellas but jus becoz he wrote an example of a song n he knows sambody he is a superstar singer here..
U kill the industry then at the end of the year ur the same people asking "what should be done to better the showbiz here?why is the music biz here not doing gud?"..ur the fuckin reason u fuckin leeches!!
Same hiphop u give 5% attention is running the kenyan music..Octopizz
o,Kaka Sungura n Khaligraph are on every chart,mdundo downloads n awards say it all..i dont see that bullshit u ass kiss on those lists.
Get ur priorities right n give good music support!!
mwacheza mziki kali wiki mbili kisha mseme mwaacha ati imezeeka na hio mifano ya miziki mwaicheza miaka saba..
Get ur game right n learn from Nairobi.."
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