Wake Up Call To Mombasani Record Labels. Sign Your Artists

Mombasani and coast in general has been a fishing area for artists. Record labels in Mombasa rarely sign their artists which make them vulnerable to bait.
When an artist from Mombasa rises due to his own effort it is very easy for a serious record label from Nairobi to get him while the one who built him watch.
You can not complain of coast talent not rising when you do not sign your own artists.

An ordinary Artist signed to a major record label earns as much as a civil servant. It is only the superstars whom make millions of shillings It is the Artists whom make many songs with videos whom make millions. Keep in mind, major labels sign tens of Artists a year, yet only a handful of those Artists become superstars.

There are many departments that benefit the Artist. From the legal department, new media, art department, marketing and promotion,… etc. All of these departments work towards developing an Artist.

To be honest labels from Nairobi who see the benefit of signing artists especially from Mombasa take advantage of the freelancing artists and sign them. Look at Grandpa, Candy n Candy, Jomino,Ulopa, Musyoka...etc they are doing great and getting more of our artists.

This is a wake call to Mombasani promoters and record labels, make use of the talent our artists have before they are fished out.
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