How the Westgate Attack Started!! CCTV Camera Reveals

-Between 10 and 15 terrorists were
involved in the attack on the
Westgate Shopping Mall
-Some of them were armed with
grenades, automatic rifles with a
chain of bullets and pistols
- Gunmen gained entry into the area
through two main areas. They were
dropped outside the mall by three
saloon cars.
-The gunmen struck from the front
and rear side of the building.
-They first attacked a café that is at
the entrance of the mall with gunfire
and a grenade before they proceeded
-Simultaneously, another group of
four wearing turbans accessed the
mall through the main parking
-At the parking gate, they first killed
a manager with the Securex Group
before they walked upstairs through
the ramp to where a party was being
hosted by the Radio Africa Group’s
East FM.
-They are seen asking people their
names and demanding that they read
some information
-At the parking yard, the CCTV shows
the attackers lobbing two grenades at
crowds but only one exploded. Police
later collected the unexploded one.
-At the rear entrance, they used an
automatic rifle to force it open after
lobbing the first grenade that caused
panic and led to closure of the doors.
-They spent a long time in the
parking yard where they killed a
pregnant woman who tried to argue
with them
-Inside they also opened fire at the
shoppers after separating them on
gender and age among other factors.
nearly 70 people confirmed dead and
175 injured
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