Diamond Concert in Mombasa was not a success, You know why?

The show for Diamond started having chaos and throwing os beer bottles last weekend. What is the mystry behind this?
Apparently the concert was delayed because the 'Nataka Kulewa' singer was being a total Sonko like character.
It is said that Diamond deliberately stalled in Tanzania  therefore missing his plane to Kenya, he then demanded a private jet from the Nation Media Group. NMG had to bend over backwards  and charter a  private jet for the Tanzanian Superstar.

 Diamond soon landed in Mombasa and refused to check in into  the Mombasa Beach Hotel where a room had been booked for him. The hotel was also the venue for his concert.In true prima donna fashion Diamond  insisted that he had to  be booked into a presidential  suite in the breath-taking White Sands Hotel which cost NMG an arm and a leg.

After his demands were met ,Diamond finally took to the stage and it was worth all the trouble because like a true diva he gave a performance that can only be described as legendary.
You can remember that the last time he came to Mombasa and a concert in seafront, he delayed too. This round fans got more impatient and threw bottles
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