How Many Awards Do You Think Diamond Patnumz Has Won in His Music Career?

Yesterday Diamond Platnumz shared a photo of all his awards trophies displayed. He was asking whether you can count and see how many they are. For real they were many. He however claimed one was stolen and and it could ve been used for a supersticious ritual to bring him down.
This is what he captioned the photo:

"Kama kweli una macho mazuri heb niambie hizo ziko ngapi....? dah! ila bado naikumbuka tunzo yangu moja iloibiwaga zamani...watu bwana, eti naskia waliambiwa na mganga ili mimi nishuke waniibie tunzo yangu moja halaf waipeleke kwake......

[if you really gat Strong eyes please tell me How many trophies
are there...? ]"

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