Blame Not Alshabaab For Mpeketoni Attacks, Mutahi Ngunyi Says.

Mpeketoni attacks was the BREAKING NEWS people received after watching a world cup game that ended aroud 8: 40. More than 48 people were killed and others injured heavily. The attacks were claimed to ve been done by  about 50 heavily-armed gunmen who drove into the small town of Mpeketoni, near the coastal island of Lamu, late on Sunday and opened fire indiscriminately on pedestrians, shop-owners and people watching the World Cup.
Sources say that the gunmen were flying Somalia’s militant group Al-shabaab flag, but that is not enough reason to convince political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi that the islamist group were behind the attack.
In a series of tweets, he said that he suspects the re-emergence of MRC. 

”To blame Al Shabaab on Mpeketoni attacks is NAIVE. Al Shabaab taking blame is fake (can’t verify). THIS is MRC re-loaded. Rented Terrorism!” he wrote.

This is the  tweet
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