We Aint Gay. Sauti Sol Responds.

A false story about Sauti Sol yesterday emerged was published by two blogs, Uhondo 254, and  The Kenya Daily post.

They wrote, one of the band members had intimated to the blogger that they were homosexual... all of them.
“We don’t do it for the money, we do it for the butt!”  he was reported to have leaked.

On Sauti sol's Facebook page, the band stated that the quotes were not true as no one had interviewed them.
"We were not interviewed or get quoted by any of those blogs trying to drag our name in gossip stories. We also wish to distance ourselves from all that false info they are claiming." read part of the statement.

Actually the band now has threatened to sue the blogger who came up with the story. Speaking to Vibe Weekly, the group's publicist Anyiko Owoko said, "It is obviously a ridiculous rumour, even outrageous. Enough with the gossip and blogs. The band members are as gay as happy means, and would all like to keep their personal private lives including that of their family and friends private and respected.
The band's first reaction was shock at how someone or some blog could write that they had interviewed them yet they hadn't, that's wrong, malicious and defamatory and we will be taking legal action against all these idle rumor mongers."
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