(INTERVIEWS) Anonymous Vedette Interview: He is Here to Take Over The HipHop Scene.

What is your real name?
My Real name is Ian Kafuna

When did you start music?
I was born with it.......I did my first performance in class 2 or 3...I cant remember well.....a teacher wrote a song then we performed during closing day.....we were 3.
But I recorded my first track last year

What was your first track ?
Dont Turn Around

Which you did last year...?
Yeah....around November

How many tracks have you done so far?
Four tracks now......

Any collabos included?
Don't Turn around I did it with C-May.....Mnanibagua with Majid and The Rebirth with Drulixx

Have you done any videos?
Naah.....not yet. Probably next year.....I feel like it's too early for a video

But a video makes you more marketable.
yes it does....it's all about strategy. What's the point of a video if radios aint even paying your music

but it's all about strategy

Are you implying that your music is not played in coast radio stations?
Coast radio does not play my music......but I get airplay on Capital fm....especially the Cypher show

That is great Which challenges do you face in the music industry ?
Mostly finance....Recording is expensive, considering I dont have a job.....then time, coz I am a student too I gotta balance the two....then there are not so many giggs where rappers can perfom in Mombasa, so you get that I invest so much in music and get very little....The the other thing i my rap style, I do it in English, now getting that on coast radio is almost impossible coz the market is mostly full of bongo and swahili stuff fans

Have you done any payed perfomance?

Yeah I have.....I did Mnanibagua at a conference in Travelers Beach Hotel.....The oters I cant call them payment, maybe just a token of appreciation.

What do you do outside music?

I am pursuing a degree in Tourism Management at the technical University of Mombasa

What is your status..single, married....?

I am not married.....

How did you get the name Anonymous Vedette?
Back in high school, I'd go to the library and read poetry books....then the nice poems I would do a research on the author....but then there were these awesome poems that had anonymous authors.....so every time I wrote a verse in high school, I signed out anonymous....the name stuck......Vedette means superstar in French, so I am the anonymous superstar
I dont know if all that makes sense, I tried to shorten it the best way possible

Who do you wish to do a collabo with?
In Mombasa, Ohms Law Montana and Juu Kua The BAnd......Kenya at Large, Miss Karun of Camp Mulla, and K-force

Are you signed to any record label?

No....I am not signed to any.
off the record.......I wouldn't want to be signed by a coast studio.....maybe in Nai

Say something about Nokia Dont Break the Beat.
It was an awesome experience, I got to meet folks like Cypreezy, Kaa La Moto, Odinare....I was among those who repped coast in Nairobi, but I didn't make it to the finals, Only Cypreezy and some other guy did.......After the event is when I decided to hit the studio.

Anything you could wish to conclude with?

These guys should know that am only getting started. Am here to take over the hiphop scene
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