Who can Beat the Collabos Mitaa Kisauni has done so Far?

The Mombasani Hip Hop Legend Mitaa Kisauni said that he does  not do music to hit anybody or target anybody.
He actually posted on his facebook wall... I quote

"I love and do respect my fellow artistes believe me I have done collabos with Fujo makelele,Nguch p,Krazy k,krazy p,tendown,tabaka,cpu,gblock makini,shamaniz,gunda weche,cld,junia busta,saint p,k-lama,kiwanja,gaza,marvin bruda,ndombi,medu,bafu chafu,unkle mchafuz,darone,DNA(2004),Jham,eazy j,mr bado,musha,majize(2007)zoezi mwanza,bin mayasa,kshado and many more I cant remember names so do you think I hate? No one can beat my collabo record I do music not to make money but kutimiza dreams!"
There you have it. Don't judge
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