Do you know what a tattoo can cause you? Beauty at risk!!

A permanent tattoo is a permanent skin art done on your skin by inserting pigments into your skin top layer through pricking.Apparently, a tattoo artist uses a hand-held machine that normally acts like a sewing machine with one or more needles piercing the skin repeatedly.With every piercing, the artist inserts small ink droplets.The process is known to cause some pain and a small amount of bleeding.Breaching your skin raises chances for potential allergic reactions, infections and long-term skin conditions refered to as Keloids.Good health is very important. That’s why you should be very careful when deciding to get a tattoo. Visit a range of studios, make sure the studio you choose is up to basic health standards. Make sure the studio you decide to go to has an autoclave or medical sterilization machine (uses very high heat to steam the equipment), and the needles are individual packaged, sealed and dated. Unlicensed artists who complete an apprenticeship do a lot of tattoos you see these days, so be careful which studio you go to. Tattoo inks are made of dyes created from a range of metals, which are mostly toxic. The most common effects of tattoos are hypersensitivity to the red dyes (cinnabar), and photosensitivity to the yellow pigments (cadmium, which is another toxic metal). There has never been a documentation of anyone getting cancer from tattoos, but dark inks can make melanoma, skin cancer, harder to detect.
The worst is if a tattoo machine is contaminated, as it can transmit blood borne diseases like Hepatitis B,C or even HIV.So the next time you are going to get a tattoo be sure to take safety precautions first.
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