A new Heated Beef in Mombasa... What do you Think about it?

Is this the new beef in Kenya.Two of Mombasa's great artistes Ralph Sanda Masai aka Cannibal and Odinareh Bingwa are beefing after Bingwa Lyrically went HAM on him on his new controversial song "Jubilee" that was released last week..it is said that the streets on Mombasa are talking as music temparatures rise with hiphop fans and critics debating hard on it.
The city is going crazy on radio stations as callers debate and call to give their opinions on the song which is more of a wake up call to the rapper who has kinda forgotten the streets that made him and he is doing nothing to help the coast showbiz and the young upcoming talents.he has also gone to an extent of calling himself a Legend as Maumau and ukooflani are still alive and dont call themselves that.
"Miaka kumi album mbili pekee unajiita legend
Ukijiita legend ukooflani maumau watajiitaje"
is one of the lines in that song JUBILEE..if you haven't heard it get it here n give your opinion
Click here to listen to the song of Bingwa Ordinare
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