What you missed over the Weekend

 This  is How it happened over the weekend at Technical university of Mombasa. various upcoming artist showcased their talents.

 This was the first group to perform their song.
MC Jose and a dancer
 Dancers too were not left behind.
 Mc jose of TUM talking and making people laugh

 This Guy inset Killed the fans by his nice lyrics and tempo. When they got to know his name..... He is called CIDE BWAX..........what? I cant pronounce it....lol
 Cide bwax still performing.
 All the artists who perfomed include Cide Bwax, CD4, Anonymous, The chosen and many more
 And finally came the time for modelling. The models did their best from bikini to official and bla bla blah.

This was the last event of the talent show.

This TUMs talent show was sponsered by Orange beat ya street.........
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