Have The Female Artists in The Coast Given Up in Music?


Female artists in Kenya are very few and when we single out to the coast they even become decimally few.
The few who were there have also somehow started giving up with others  quitting music. This leaves the number of female artists almost zero.
Initially these artists were almost conquering the region, talk of Rap Dem, Shamaniz, Love Mums, Vivonce, Sis P , Shinney and many more who were to rise.
The Charts used to have them battling with their male counterparts and bringing at least good career competition.
It is so sad that only Jovial is in top 10 in the charts and Nyota Ndogo who is featured in Amoury Beybe's song Baridi
It is a matter of concern that we need to know what is happening to our ladies in the music industry.
Currently we have not heard much from Shamaniz, and Rap Dem had said she wants to pursue comedy and quit music. Love mums also went underground after the song she had done with Kaa la Moto.
Do you think our coast  female artists have given up in the music industry?

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