This is Why DNA Left Grandpa Records


 After DNA exited from Grandpa records, many stories and theories emerged giving reasons to his cause of exit. It was even claimed later that DNA may be joining Candy n Candy record label. He however refuted all the claims and said if he was to be in a record label owned by another person then that is Grandpa. It may mean that for his music career now may be he is starting his own record label.
Talking to the star Newspaper this is what he had to say:

"Being at the label since 2012, I felt it was time to find more space for myself. Sometimes it gets hard when you do things as a team and then it comes to a point you just feel you want to handle things as an individual. At Grandpa, I only had one solo single as the rest of my other hits were a team effort in form of collabos. I now want to grow my personal brand to become a continental name and I will be doing that with my own label which I will set up soon after I release my upcoming new single. I also want more time with my family and I felt I could only do so if I devoted more time to myself. 
As my stage moniker suggests, I am always driven by dreams and ambitions. I am an ambitious young chap and it was in my personal interest not to renew my contract at Grandpa. It was a mutual consent between us and we did not argue over it. We (Refigah and myself) are great friends and he understood my decision to leave. In fact, we were to do a joint press conference but that part was overtaken by events," 

We can only hope for the best from DNA
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