Mombasa Film actor Drugged and Robbed By Twilight Girl

BC Ken, a Mombasa film actor, was drugged by a twilight girl after a night out which he was having fun after which she robbed him last weekend. The popular actor, who has played many roles in movies produced by Coastal Films, awoke buck naked and was shocked eight hours after he had entertained the girl in his private room. “I thought she was a good person but she drugged and robbed me. I lost a lot of cash and expensive electronic gadgets among them my new mobile phone,” Ken told Monday Blues on Sunday. “I woke up to find my bedroom door open. I was naked. I felt like I was in hell, “he remarked. Ken is not the first Mombasa celebrity to find himself in such a dilemma as a number of musicians have been conned by twilight girls in the same manner.

[additional info from pulse]

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