Apple And Samsung In Court Again Over Patent Damages

Legal representatives from Apple and Samsung companies were back in federal court in California yesterday(Tuesday), this time to decide how much the Korean firm owes the tech giant for patent infringement.
A case that happened in August 2012, a federal jury gave Apple a big victory in its suit against Samsung when it found that the Korean firm had infringed on a several Apple patents for its smartphone and tablet features.

 The jury had fined Samsung more $1 billion in damages though the amount later was reduced to $639 million in March by Judge Lucy Koh of the U.S.
Apple is likely to try and recoup the roughly $411 million in damages that were vacated from the original finding that 28 Samsung phones infringed on Apple patents.
Bloomberg reported that some technical analysts expect Apple company to ask compensation for more than the original $1 billion.
Apple and Samsung are also scheduled to begin a second, separate patent trial before Koh next spring.
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