(IMPORTANT)Official Cityville Mombasa Statement

This is an official statement that had to be given out by the Cityville Mombasa Management.
Mobbid Gangsta CEO Cityville Mombasa
The facebook account of the blogger Mobbiez Gangsta belongs to rapper Mobbid Gangsta.
Mobbid Gangsta is the CEO of Cityville Mombasa and he is not in any way related to Morbizo the producer of Thundersound.
When He receives mails from some of you and tells you its mistaken identity do not think otherwise.

Those who ask why that name?
Mobbiez comes from an ethnic name Mobisa thus Mobbiez.
Dj Walexx
Morbizo is not the owner of this Website. This website is owned by Gangstahood Media, managed by Mobbid Gangsta and Dj Walexx.
After this statement I suppose you will not get confused anymore.
Thanks a lot for our fans and our readers who already know us.

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About Walexx

He is the CEO of Cityville Mombasa. Reach him on 0728622801 or gangsta6g@gmail.com