(VIDEO)Man Claims Westgate attack was a Hoax, Staged Film.

A video that claimed that the westgate terror attack was a staged film with fake photos  infact a big hoax; Fake blood, paid actors, staged explosions and many more...

The video which was first uploaded to youtube has been deleted because many Kenyans I suppose flagged it.
Though many copies have been uploaded by friends of the main narrator.

Max Melone the video maker goes through some photos from Daily Mail, and his main argument comes from the clear shots the photographers seemed to get. He wonders how anyone would capture such clear photos in the middle of a shooting.
The guy says there's a big conspiracy by the world governments and media, and it's all part of the new world order.

I urge you Kenyans to disregard this videos.

Take a look at one of them here:
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