Tanzanians on twitter too Have Retaliated with Equal Reaction

If you thought on Kenyans know how to abuse when provoked, Tanzanians too do.
After Kenyans hit the Tanzanians on twitter with the #SomeonetellTanzania tag.
Now the Tanzanians have retaliated with equal reaction force.
Take a look
#someonetellkenya Barrack Obama's Grandfather is the Most Successful Kenyan Athlete. He Ran Away from Starvation!!
 #someonetellkenya we put criminals in jail not state house hehe hapo ni 10 NIL

#SomeoneTellKenya Since Uhuru and Ruto are president and deputy president
respectively, the anthem should begin with


#Someonetellkenya# kenyans ladies wear weaves to confirm their gender bt tz ladies wear for beauty
 #SomeoneTellKenya how do Kenyan men lie to their women that they will buy them land while the whole Kenyan land is owned by UHURU KENYATTA!

#SomeoneTellKenya kwamba Avril aliomba atokee kwenye Video ya Diamond
  that's Barack Obama flying over Kenya on his way to
That awkward moment when Kiswahili is your national language and you can't speak it. #SomeoneTellKenya

#SomeoneTellKenya you can't defeat Tanzanians or anyone else for that matter when you are divided along ethnic lines. Umoja ni nguvu

Yow Kenyans ---> "@HeriAliMwapachu #SomeoneTellKenya Swag is an expression of style & confidence, not a sexual position u use on livestock"
 Shade has started! "@AGDaki: #SomeoneTellKenya they can now focus on marathon race
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