Pornography ring with links in Europe and America Unearthed in Kenya

Police have unearthed an international pornography ring with links in Europe and America and also involves some western diplomats based in Kenya.

The circle conducts its trade mainly in Nairobi and the coastal towns of Mombasa and Malindi.

Police reports say they are investigating a number of diplomats who have been linked to the thriving porn industry.

Availability of cheap  internet in Kenya has allowed porn peddlers to evade the law, and make big profits.

Porn stars hiding under the guise of masseuses are now dealing directly with clients, some of who come from as far as Europe or the US.

The Nation understands some of the clients send orders for nude photos or porn videos which actresses make and send to them clients after payment.

“We are professional. We serve every client who pays because we want them to keep coming,” said one of the producers of the films, who can only be identified as Ken.

He said he started as a recruiter of models to pose for a local lewd street magazine which was later closed down by the police. He moved into film, where he was hired to shoot videos.

“It was good business; actors could get between Sh7,000 and Sh12, 000 per shoot. I would make Sh20,000,” he said.

Ken said a DVD of your choice could cost Sh1,000 and you had to send the money via mobile money transfer before it is delivered to you, often on the street or to your home. “We had to put up posters with our numbers. The police would often pose as clients and trap us,” he said.

Ken said he found a solution to this by selling online. All he does is shoot films or take photos of nude women and post them online.

Some clients include diplomats or staff of embassies in Nairobi, some of who have been put on a watch list following revelations they are financing the production of raunchy films.

“It is now a war, not just on operators, the public has said we want to consume this,” says Eva Mbuni, the communications officer at the Kenya Film Classification Board.

Some names on the list of those police suspect have been enjoying a look at nude photos include a Mr Austin Scott alias John, a Mr B. Esther Henry, another Steve Hilton, a Mr Hashim and another Henry Dempsey.

The list came forth last week following Ms Peris Ngina’s prosecution in Nairobi for peddling nudity. Ms Ngina denied the charges.

[Adapted from Nation]
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