(INTERVIEW) Exclusive Interview with MC Drulixx. Things you Don't know about him.

What is your real name?
My real name is Andrew Haya

When did you start music?

Iam Drulixx

2003 then took a break

till this year

What was your first track you did then?

Iam Drulixx

Zusha , it was a collabo with Antibayotixx formerly of Buster Bullies of Kisumu

What were you doing then. I mean were you in school or out?

Iam Drulixx

I was a college student at alliance francaise de Nairobi

Oh that is great. how many songs have you done so far?

Iam Drulixx

5 but only 3 finished two are on the final stages

Oh what are the finished ones?

Iam Drulixx

We Get down. a l"alliance francaise, Zusha

we get down and a la alliance francaise we did with ma former crew called Kruxx

Keeping Rapmusic Ultimately XXemplary

Which record labels do record your music in?
Iam Drulixx
I did those two at the then Blue Zebra , zusha at 2 leavers then the unfinished ones are being done at Malidadi studios at Kiembeni

Petrrooz the beat maker is working on them

Have you done any video to any of your tracks?

Iam Drulixx

Not yet planning to though

Mhh, which challenges do you face in the music industry especially here in Mombasa?

Iam Drulixx

Airplay, shows, cash to record, and some peeps preffering tz music to kenyan,

Yeah, I honestly understand. Apart from music what do you do?

Iam Drulixx

I work for some company called Aramex

At least you got something extra. What about the rumour of the collabo with Anonymous Vedette

Iam Drulixx

lol rumour
Yeah we have done a collabo with him and  its called the Rebirth

due on 23.09.2013

I hope it is a great track. Now to that controversial question. What is your status? Are you single, engaged,complicated or married?

Iam Drulixx

Its dope I tell you.

Iam Drulixx

Am single like a brand new track

but kuna mrembo nakimbiza hope ataskia story yangu then status itachange
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