Tujuane Chic’s KCSE Results dug out From archives to Ashame her.

And The Roasting Continues; Kenyans Now Unearth Tujuane Chic’s KCSE Results & Tear into Her Ferociously! 22/08/2013
This is how kenyans are when you make yourself look so complicated. The Tujuane chick for episode 37 made herself one, and Kenyans have dug to the archives to bring out her results for KCSE.
Have a look.
And as Kenyans are abusive to such things.
Look at how they abused her

A for Affordable
B for Burukenge
C for Class

 genious from the last phahaha..Am going for lessons from ha

 Hee kweli urembo wako jiwekee,kenya utachambuliwa hadi sirini...

Others said that Kenyans can investigate even more than FBI. This one made ma day.
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