Official Apology To Our Fans Over the Article of Top 10 Videos Last Week.


Our Mombasa music industry is growing and Cityville Mombasa has no need to be part of the hindering bandwagon.
'Maji ukiyavulia nguo lazima uyaoge'(If you undress to take a bath, you ve to). There is this article I wrote  about the TOP10 videos in the coast last week on 18/08/2014. I am sorry for our fans that honestly I did not do my analysis well and research on the videos I posted.
Now for those asking through our contacts for why other videos are left out like 'Mia kwa mia' by Kaa la Moto ft Jaystar Afrobeat and Fat S ft Rich Mavoko Nakumbuka zamani, I honestly agree the videos are great and could ve been in the top ten.
There is this controversy however that I ve to address. The video Siwezi by Shembwana Masauti which people are searching for is not in any video sharing platform like dailymotion or youtube and am sorry that I had to post it as a top 10 video.
The source of the top videos could be misleading and now I give you a chance to watch all this videos and vote for your top 10 videos which I will post on Friday: This videos are all on youtube.

1-Amoury Beybe Ft Nyota- Baridi(Digital Pictures)

2-Doctor Rico ft |Kingsting-Coast shwari


4-Kaa la Moto Ft Jaystar- Mia kwa Mia

5-Rojo mo ft cannibal-Sababu ya Mziki

6- Benso ft Miss GG- Phonto

7-Doctor Rico- Neutral

8-Sis-p –Tabasamu(Doctored pictures)

9-Ali B –Yele yele

10 - Odinareh Bingwa- Paper (Bee Entertainment)

11-Kassamoney ft C de-Oh My God (Bee Entertainment)

12- Fat S ft Rich Mavoko- Nakumbuka Zamani

13- Odinareh Bingwa ft Ohms Law- Make a Name

14- Brown Wawili pekee-  Nimebadilika

15- Sleem G Outa Limits- Mama

16- Kassamoney ft Qraps& Elsie- Hip hop Thugz Day

 17- Benso ft Lady Bree- Naogopa

18- Dogo Richie- Sijasahau

19- Rap Dem ft Coast All Stars- Jitambulishe Remix

20- Shamaniz- Ndoto
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