Simple Tips to Avoid Being Conned

A con man is a person who intentionally misleads another person(target), usually for personal financial gain. In recent history there have been a number of con men who have really stood out for either the wealth they amassed, or the ease with which they tricked people.
There are very many con men around and you should be carefully.
Avoid them using this tips.

1. If somebody calls you and asks for money transfer details via Mpesa,Airtel Money or any other and he is not from the service provider, dont give!!
2. If a person asks for any favor in town concerning you buying something like a phone or  any electronic and he/she is not a dealer, please don't buy.
3. Never click on Ads on websites which ask you to enter your phone number if you don't trust them
4. Tell a person where you are going if he asks in a Matatu only if it is really necessary.

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