Is it True? Mama Sizo accussed of Exploiting young men.

Some page by the name Mombasa Exposed and Pictures you wont believe yesterday revealed on their wall a sex scandal concerning Mama Sizo. They accused her of exploiting young men sexually. They went ahead and underrated her on her music career by saying she doesn't know how to sing and producers are not advising her.
Mama Sizo on her side did not hesitate but came out and said this is a mere gossip spoiling her name.
The Hornet records CEO(Mama Sizo) put all the blame on Eve Adhiambo the Mombasa based event organizer and Backstreet entertainment.She said they are putting this allegations on her to spoil her name.
Remember the CEO of backstreet ENT is the one under investigation for conning her 400k. We don't know how true this is but we re yet to get more from both sides.
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