Why Men Stare at women even when Married

Looking at other women is a big challenge for a lot of men.Why men look at other women? Most of the men first developed the habit of looking at women when they are teenagers. It happens naturally and then it is encouraged by oneself because of how good it makes them  feel. Each time men see a sexually attractive woman their brain rewards them with a chemical high.  It’s a minor high compared to other drugs, but it’s still enjoyable and addicting.
It’s quite an observable fact that men are more inclined than women to gauge beauty through a person’s outward appearance over one’s inner traits. While men’s first step in looking for a partner is too scan through a group of females and see who attracts them most, women on the other hand, are likely to ‘fall in, or grow to love someone rather that have it the ‘love at first sight, kind of way. Given that a man’s biological and psychological make up differs from most women, men falling for women at first sight is one of the most common attributes of men.
This is not to say that women don’t look at adorable and strikingly hot male species as much as males would, it is just that it is more socially accepted for women to be more refined and reserved when it comes to matters like this. While women are able to notice a guy’s appearance subtly, men often have a tendency to stare when they are attracted to a woman because society allows them to. Though it happens like second nature for men, a lot of women feel uncomfortable and often times, awkward nonetheless.So why do men stare? This is basically instinctive behavior. If you thin it’s quite profane how guys tend to stare at you from head to foot, maybe you should take a step back and instead, just be flattered that a person of the opposite sex is attracted to you. If women tend to be more subtle, men are a little more aggressive in terms of showing their attraction to the other gender. This stems back to history when men hunt for pray and look for a possible mate making them rather visual creatures in gauging and deciding on a lot of things.
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