Prezzo Responds To Alleged Beef With Diamond

Finaly Prezzo had to say what is all about this air of the beef between him and Diamond.
Prezzo, said on his side earlier that Diamond had underrated him in one of the newspapers(entertainment) in Tanzania. Prezzo saw this when he went to perform in Bongo over a Saba Saba event.
Diamond had claimed in the Newspaper that Prezzo cant be compared with him musically. Prezzo though says that he has never had any misunderstanding between him and Diamond, and wonders why Diamond has to abuse him on a newspaper.
As Per yesterday Diamond claimed Prezzo had abused him on twitter and wants him apologize.
Today Prezzo claimed that will be childish apologizing on twitter. He actually says men dont reconcile in that manner and wants Diamond to get more arbitration ways like calling, writing a letter or SMS.
Now you got it.
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