Reactions of Kenyans Over Free Wives to Nambale Men

Yesterday Citizen Tv aired news showing how Nambale bachelors were promised free wives only to wait in vain.
The men had to go through a HIV test as a requirement then wait for the free wives at the DC's office. They thronged at the DC's office the whole day and wives were not brought.
As it is the culture of KOT(Kenyans on twitter), these are some of their reactions.

What's up with men of Nambale who waited eagerly for FREE WIVES only to their disappointment. Or it was a strategy to check HIV status..

Am 100% sure these Nambale men were promised FREE WiFi n not free wives

Packing my bags to Nambale. women **shuts door**

So I hear kamba women are being dished out for free to wifeless Nambale men
Afadhali sisi watu wa Butere... you'll never hear anything weird about us. hawa watu wa Busia/Bungoma/Nambale wametuchosha. NKT

Bachelors of Nambale. For more of such jokes SMS THIRST to 6969.

So Talking with a Nambale chic = 500, walking with her u pay 1k...smh ..This life !!

Alfred Mutua is now giving out Kamba girls ready for marriage free of charge. He has begun in Nambale. Next ni Nyeri. People's governor!
Nambale and Nairobi, one thing in common. free wi-fi :-)


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