Caroline Mutoko has responded to Mike sonko After the Phone conversation gone bad!!.

Caroline Mutoko has finally responded to the abuses she received this morning Mike sonko.
This is what she had to say:

Before we'll get it twisted (and I go to Carni) let's take stock of the issue:

What Sonko does is commendable and his heart is in the right place - no argument - we said so on-air. But it offers no long term solution.

The problem (I think) was that I asked him for a longterm sustainable solution and that caught him off guard.
In a world where people suckup and idol worship and no-one questions showmen - yes, maybe my question made him feel awkward. However:

1. the answer to that question politician style is simple. Politics 101:
" we are working on various ways to create jobs and even a proper education fund, but these are immediate problems so I am doing what I can for now". Kwisha.

2. It is not in the interest of any politician to fix problems. If they do they instantly become irrelevant. So by and large, sustainable change of any kind tends to come from private sector, NGOs and you & me.

3. the longterm goal of leadership & Philantrophy is about helping other raise themselves - not being their provider or their source. GOD is the ONLY SOURCE.

I can't deny the sheer buzz of this- it is as a colleague of mine says "radio gold" but that said, it's also sad that he couldn't answer a simple question yet HE CALLED US.
It's even worse that he degenerated into this sad ranting character rather than simply hang-up. Afterall, HE CALLED.

Senator Sonko - once again, well done for having a big heart. However, what is needed is sustainable solutions. Sawa?

Judge her, but she has spoken her mind.
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