Are Mc Drulixx and The Vedette Attacking Somebody in The Rebirth Song?

The new release track by Mc Drulixx and the Anonymous Vedette has brought some controversy.
The track by the name rebirth was released on 23rd of September 2013.
Our concerned reader of our articles highlighted that the song is touching the coast artists in town
Extracting this lines from the lyrics "you guys are just a bunch of school drop outs, cant make a full sentence in English....."  he said somebody is being attacked.
We had to look for Anonymous Vedette to answer this. The Vedette had this to say:
"I am attacking someone....but the net is big, I cast it to the lake am sure I won't catch just one fish."

Earlier Mc Drulixx had responded by saying:
"The verse was passing a message to some peeps who know themselves and got the message i.e. if they’ve heard the track but I don’t want to explain the same on his behalf. Halla at Vedette he will explain further on his verse and the contents"
This was before the Vedette had responded.

To our beloved readers who got concerned and asked, you ve got the answers from the rap duo. Cityville Mombasa has passed the message
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