What Mitaa Kisauni Has to say about the Controversies Surrounding him.

Mitaa Kisauni who has always been in our posts for controversies with other artists has come out to clear himself.
Sometime last month a beef between him and Gates Mgenge of Pwani Fm developed. It was in the social media with many people blaming Mitaa Kisauni.
This started from the song Mitaa Kisauni had Released called Watiwe Vidole.
Today Mitaa Kisauni sent us a message to give to the public that he is not beefing with anybody.

"Tell them Mitaa Kisauni if I can bring coast best rapper kwa 1show kwa nini radio presenter anichukie!This is showbiz and I have never hated any man in my music life,I admit am in love with art of dissing but not heart of beefing,if you feel I have hurt you understand you are good in this f**ked up industry"
That is what he said.
So understand it in your own way but that is how he feels his life is.
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