What is the Big Deal being a Socialite? They are looking for Publicty in a crooked way.

What is the big deal being a socialite?
This are people who get influence through social media and general medial. They should behave and be role models to their fans.
Now it has changed that all Socialites are competing to get fame in a crooked way.
Huddah Monroe started by Putting her nude photos in the net and later Angel Maggie, Pendo and others followed the troop.
Pendo too to gain popularity and more publicity is getting involved with any foreign artist who comes to Kenya, name the Demarco, Davido.......
Verah sidika is not left too, she is taking photos exposing her tattooed thigh, money on the bed and other funny scenes. Is that what it should be as a socialite? what is your take..
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