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  • 19/07/2013
    Sometimes after couples have been together for a while, the relationship hits a plateau whereby the partners are just going through the monotonous motions. When these times come or to prevent them from rearing their ugly head, you will need to know how to spice up a relationship. This is very important as it could be all the difference between whether you stay together or call it quits and part ways. One of the threads that hold a closely knit relationship is sex. When the sex begins to get monotonous then this can spread to other areas of the relationship like a cancer. Below are some tips that can help you spice up your sex life and consequently your relationship.

    Play games with your partner. You will not believe how much this will spice things up. It can be a sexy game or a regular game, but either way you will have a good laugh together and bond even more. Playing games gives couples a chance to talk as well and re-connect in their busy lives.

    Leave sexy phone messages. A romantic and sexy phone message can go a long way with your partner. Tell your mate or date what you are planning for your date that night. The anticipation alone will take the relationship to another level.

  •  Design a theme. When your partner comes back from work, turn your living room into a scene from the roman days. Lay out a toga on the bed for your partner and get yours on too. You can even create a leafy crown for that extra touch. Pamper your love when they come in the door and feed them grapes and wine. You can work a variety of themes and spice up your relationship.

    • Cook together. It can be so much fun to cook and experiment with food. You might even end up in a sexy food fight. Food fun can be a great way to liven up your relationship. Get the whipped cream out!

    • Go on your first date all over again. Go to the first place you went and relive your night. It will bring back glorious memories of where you first began as a couple and how you have grown together. Take a walk down memory lane!

      You wont regret your love
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