Verah Sidika is Back Again With a Braless Photo of Her B**bs

Last month it was all over social media about famous socialite Verah Sidika removin her tinth and the expensive weave... I don't  know wig... wherever.
 She kept quiet for sometime and now she back again. This time with a rageous attitude over those who claim she is a bad example to young girls.
This is what she had to say on the photo below:

" Feels good to be back. Had really missed Nairobi. Now…y’all be nice and say hello to my new twins#FakeBoobAlert#CompleteFakenessLoading#NoMorePaddedBras #ActuallyNoBrasAtAll#Implants#CantWaitForThemToDropAndPopBetter#SexyKenyanGirl

Later again Now on this photo she gave a response to those who think she is a bad example.
"We woke up like this!!! 
Some of y’all wasting your thumb muscles with silly sermons on “bad example to young gals” First of all, this page is rated PG2⃣1⃣ . (21). So don’t confuse it for a church service. 
…….and, I’m not your kids mother/nanny/caretaker neither do I raise your kids for you so sit yo ass on some corner and just  
Watch me do me!!! "

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