What Do You Know of The Awards That Take Place In Coast yearly?

The music awards that usually take place in Mombasa yearly are organised by two event organisers namely Eve and Beyonce Julia.
They happen like any other event only that this one is for rewarding  talent.
Organising such an event without sponsors is not easy, it will need you to dig into your pockets and facilitate it. Since it is a business you ve to be prepared for either a loss or profit.

Many who talk about this events and how they ve had downfalls I suppose think tha it is mandatory that the event has to take place. what you ve to remember these events are not government projects where at least you v a say and you can take your grievances to Kenya anti-corruption....

For you to have that transparent awards you keep talking of, you need to have a strategy. According to me this will need you to have a committee voted for to do this event. The committee has to be paid by you. They will try to get sponsors too to facilitate the awards. They will also work out on a good criteria of choosing nominees.

Since however you do not want to spend on such, the awards will be as they appear to be. I mean full of bias and failure like the Nzumari.

This is just our opinion.
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