(INTERVIEW) What Do You Know About Kassamoney? Check our Exclusive Interview


What is yor real name?

Kassamani Brian

When did you start music?
I started music Back in 2009

Which track did you do as your first then?
Drugs but it did not do well cuz of the record quality and young mind

What were you doing then, I mean were you in school, college or out?
I Was in high school then.

How many tracks have you done so far?
Five, Not fine enough though, I can say MY WAY is the Best

Have you done any videos except My way?
Got a "Tulia" video whch ma fellow friends from ma street decided to talk to me through a song tellin me to Tulia and punguza girls cuz they were all over me them days...

Hahaha, Tulia Basi..Which record labels do you record your music in?
I  do record in Kelele Records

Which challenges do you face in the music industry ?
 Hip-hop in English ni hard kuskizwa pwani so kupenya you need to take tym and you know charity begins at home

What do you do outside music?

Men most Hip-hop heads ni Mahustler, we spit what we go through in life na lyf yetu yote iko ghettoh thats why tukifoka utokea kihuni but delivery huweigh viajabu ndo mana c usikizwa.. I mean we drop punch na pain

What is you status,,, are you single,engaged or married?
I better not talk about it... Lemmie say Unde carpet.

Anything you could wish to conclude with?
A love ma funs so much those who keep supporting me and I promise you big..big chuunz. Salute 2 ma Hommies  Odinareh,Ohms law..n all de gangstarz holding it down in hip-hap..lets keep our heads up

Check his Song here MY WAY

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