Impacts of Illitracy In Mombasa

As a matter of fact no county government wants to have a higher number of illiterate people.
 In fact, the more illiterate people there are, the more the county does not develop well. Because illiteracy has an impact on many sectors of a county in terms of causing crime and underdevelopment of that particular count. Even lack of qualified professionals becomes a 'defficiency'

Since now Mombasa as a county is infact a government, it needs to look after education sector and nature its own people.

The first effects of illiteracy is that it makes the county develop slowly. A large sum of money in funds of the county have to support jobless people instead of investing in science or modern technology. The illiterate have to live on the social welfare scheme. As a result of illiteracy, people find it so difficult to have a job without the ability of reading or understanding simple documents. Therefore, the illiterates become a burden of society causes to make the county poorer.

Another effect is that illiteracy increases in crime. The illiterate who can not read any books or documents; how could they understand huge numbers of written regulations in their society? So, to them, laws are meaningless. This sometimes makes them become unconsciously criminals. For example, they do not know that they disturb the peace or fight with others is to break laws. Another example, a person, who is illiterate, is abetted to sell forbidden goods like drugs and even engage in antisocial behaviour like prosititution. He/she does not think that it is so serious as it is or sounds. As a consequence, he/she does things the way best for him/her and finds it wrong later.
I usually wonder when I find myself going to the job at around 8.00 am in town  Moi Avenue and I find school children going to school at that time. They usually don't seem to be in a hurry because maybe they don't get punished for getting late.
I dont blame teachers  but what happens in this county in the education sector seems to be facilitated more by parents. They seem not to care about what there children do or where they are. This will ruin their lives in future and the image of the county. There is currently a crisis when it comes to coast proffessionals because they are few. We need more by educating our sons and daughters.
I just want to conclude that  the illiterates are dependants on the limited benefit system of the county. Moreover, it also creates many problems in social secruity system and that becomes a direct warning to Mombasa stakeholders. The Mombasa government should have appropriate measures to help reduce number of people who dont have quality papers.The county will be richer and people will be happier if there is no  illiterates in the county. In fact will be thinking innovatively.
Food for thought Mombasani
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