Rapper Kassamoney At It Again as He Blames Khalid Producer For Killing Coast Talent.


Khalid Producer the CEO of a Million Records yesterday answered why The A Million Star search Promotion did not go through as expected. He claimed that many people who came to contest were jokers and really never wanted to be stars.
Rapper Kassamoney the Usual suspect was not left behind to respond as such answers usually get him on the wrong foot.
"Make Sis P a star first before you could think of making another underground artist one." he said. He continued down blaming the producer for killing talent instead of helping.

Khalid producer was not left behind as he had to reply for this allegations.
He said:
"This is the best you can do so far, dragging people's names? Then congratulations for being a silly blogger. At least you've proved that you are a whack Mc so you want to remain relevant with people like us making headlines. Well I have commented for the first time so that you can get as many comments as possible coz that's the only thing you looking for, Then congratulations again for being a stupid nigga with no vision...."
I don't Know when Kassamoney became a blogger but Khalid and the Hip Hop Thugz day rapper are far from being in good terms
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