Prostitution Need to Be Stopped In Mombasa And Kenyan Cities

As much as many people may say  Prostitution Has no effect on society, It actually has.
Prostitution has effects on our society in many ways. Prostitution is first considered in Kenya as a crime. But it is so absurd that unless something critical happens this criminals of prostitution get arrested rarely.By the way it is  more than just a sexual related crime and can actually lead to more crimes and violence on the streets. Prostitution began many centuries ago as a way for women to earn money. Saloons used to be known for their beautiful women and liquor. Over the years prostitution has become a threat to our society.
Prostitutes are seen for the ability to give men and women a good time by offering sexual favors for money or gifts. Prostitutes used to be women selling their bodies for money. Today there are men and women prostitutes!!!. And they sell their bodies for many reasons other then money. Drugs are becoming a common currency for prostitutes especially here in Mombasa.
Unfortunately, when purchasing a prostitute, many buyers don't think about the serious consequences that come with street sex. Sexually transmitted disease, infidelity, violence, thefts and many crimes take place with the average prostitute exchange. Many people who have been robbed especially those who come for vacations in Mombasa can bear me witness.
Many men and women  have passed along sexually transmitted diseases without knowing and some without even caring. It's not always the prostitute that does that passing of the STD either. Many people with and STD feel that they can't have a sexual relationship with the partner in fear of passing the disease to them. However, they find it acceptable to find a prostitute on the corner who they will never have to meet again, and pass the STD along in order to relieve sexual frustration. In return he or she will sleep with several other people before even knowing they have an STD. Then the STD gets passed on by those people as well. Wives, husbands and innocent sexual partners become victim to the STD. Many of which are severe and even life threatening.
Adding to passing on diseases, many men and women pick up prostitutes especially from know place like Saba Saba or clubs in Mtwapa not caring about how their wife or husband at home may feel if they ever found out. Today, society is dealing with a higher divorce average than ever before. if you go to FIDA Mombasa Branch you cant believe how mothers are seeking help after their homes broke up.Having the ability to go out and pickup a prostitute for sexual favors will only encourage that number to continue to rise.
Society is threatened by much more than diseases and divorce related to prostitution. Violent crimes are one of the most severe effects on society. Many prostitutes have been raped, beaten and killed over many decades and the number continues to grow. Prostitutes are seen as weak, vulnerable, and an easy target for men to get their sexual favors and then to kill and dispose of. Since the prostitute is in a bad enough situation to need to sell their selves then chances are that there is no one close enough to help or reach out to them. This, making them less likely to be missed and be reported missing.
Men aren't the only culprit in violent, prostitution related crimes. Many prostitutes have beaten and killed their buyers as well. Many prostitutes will rob their clients during or after the sexual acts while the client is not expecting it. After all, they can't call the police and tell them they were robbed by a prostitute as prostitution is illegal.
Prostitution is slowly taking over streets of Mombasa and big cities in Kenya. After a few prostitutes set up and stalk a corner, before long that whole street is nothing more than a prostitution ring and is filled with crimes to include violence, rape, thefts and many more heinous crimes.
Law enforcement needs to step up the regulations and penalties for prostitution in order to bring the numbers down. I beg the governor of Mombasa Honorable Ali Hassan Joho to do something serious with this.While no town allows prostitutes some do over look the obvious so it will then continue until it's merely uncontrollable. Which, will intern leave society in a hard place with busy street corners filled with drugs, violent crimes, theft and much more dangerous crime.
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